Where Can I Purchase Fresh Apples near Naples, FL?

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barrels of apples in an apple orchard during harvest

Fresh Produce Farms and Nurseries Open near Naples, FL

Although we don’t experience the colorful leaves and crisp weather of fall in Florida, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy fall activities. One of the most popular fall activities is making apple pies, apple cider, and caramel apples. If you’ve been eager to make these recipes, we highly recommend using fresh apples. In this post, we will be sharing fresh produce farms and nurseries open near Naples, FL so you can make all of your fall apple recipes.

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Get Bushels of Apple to Make Your Favorite Fall Recipes

close up of apples in a tree
  1. Fruitscapes LLC. This fruit tree nursery and fruit market is worth taking the hour and a half drive from Naples. The owners focus on growing fruit that grow well in zone 8. They study which fruit trees need pollinators, how much space they need, and the type of soil they need. Although you may be coming here for fresh apples, we highly recommend checking out the other fruit they offer. These include bananas, dragon fruit, figs, grapes, peaches, and many more.
  2. Farmer Mike’s U Pick. At this “U Pick” farm, they work hard to provide their customers with the freshest produce in the Southwest Florida area. They offer a long list of vegetables, fruits, and flowers for you to pick yourself. The availability depends on the season. Farmer Mike’s is a Non-GMO Sustainable far that focuses on farming practices that protect the environment, the workers, and their resources. Visit them today to see their motto of “Stay Local and Stay Fresh” in action.
  3. Buckingham Farms. Located in Fort Meyers and Labelle, this farm offers a large selection of locally sourced honey, Amish goods, wines, fresh produce, and more. While you can’t pick the produce yourself here, the owners and workers take pride in providing produce with the freshest quality. This farm is loved by vegans, environmentalists, fans of locally grown food, or anyone wanting to experience “farm to table” food.

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